Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what little brother said.

from left to right: me, sister, boy + girl cousin visiting from states, little brother.

Little brother, who isn’t so little since he’s nineteen, said something interesting some weeks back. It really got me thinking. Please don’t tell him he got me thinking.

He’d gone to the grocery store and gotten a milk chocolate-almond bar for himself and one for me (see I don’t need a boyfriend! But! if you know someone please have them send resume to dimplesnatcher@gmail.com thanks!)

In maybe sixty seconds, I ate mine as I did something on my computer. And then I wanted another bar. Because I didn’t really taste the first one. I inhaled it. When I opened the fridge later to get something, I saw little brother’s bar because he likes his chocolate cold. I marveled at his self-control.

Earlier when my brother realized how quickly I’d eaten mine he said, “You don’t savor food like other people.”

It’s true. I realized how true it was.

My friend, Chris, who has lost over a hundred pounds (and who may or may not be a catlady? Huh) left an awesome comment on my blog a couple days ago:

We are only one month into this year. I started in 2009 in may. In under two years I look and feel like an entirely different person. Alexia, today is your day. And so is tomorrow. Every moment for the rest of your life is an opportunity to make a new direction, to create exactly what you want. To be who you want to be.
you make that decision
...I was 35 when I figured it out, and to watch you get it at your YOUNG age would be a blessing.
I know you can do it." 

The thing is I see many of the correlations between how I treat food and how I treat other aspects of my life. I’m always learning to prioritize, to do and demand from myself and others what’s best for me, to manage my time, and especially not to wait for tomorrow. Because I really only have this very moment to savor everything.

How are y’all doing? I really need to catch up on your blogs. As always, thank you for stopping by here. Love, me.


Miss Erika said...

I love this reflective post. I'm pretty sure that this time last year if your brother had said that to me I would have been like "Yeah, and your point?" Hahah. Change is good. I loved Chris' comment when I read it because it's something I literally just came to understand this past week. Every moment is a choice, and every moment leads to another one.

Also, I like this new background! Very cute indeed. : )

Glam,Glitz&Gut said...

I know what you mean about about not savoring. But you know what? It's an easy fix :o)

He Took MY Last Name said...

That comment really spoke to me too. Did you visit her link? It was pretty good.

Slow down, you move to fast. You gotta make the morning lasssssst.... sorry broke into song there

Candace Best said...

Hmm ... this post gots me thinking

One Day, One Weigh said...

Thank you for posting her comment, I don't always get back to peruse them.

How true she is. I need to heed her wisdom as well.

Alexia @ dimplesnatcherblog.com said...

thanks everyone :))

Thirteenlbs said...

What a beautiful post. Still here with you, girl. That comment is the shizz, and I'm glad you posted it too. My mantra, for everything these days, is go, go, go!

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