Tuesday, March 8, 2011

all about juli.

Since I write so much about my Julieta, I thought I would tell you more about her.

An introduction of sorts…yes?

Julieta is half Colombian/half Spainish/100% huggable. She is the middle of two sisters, loves to use the word “dysfunctional,” and also goes by “Juliette” since apparently that’s what’s on her Spainish passport because she’s a citizen there, too.

Five things she loves?
  • Laughing loudly, even a tadohmygoshthatgirlisloud peopleturnaroundtosee in church. Ohhh. It’s Julieta.
  • Jesus.
  • Calling Christopher Echeverry, only boy I ever seriouslyish saw for a hot minute, an “asshole.” 
  • Spending too much time psychoanalyzing people with me.
  • Talking about and to her parents A LOT. Apparently, it’s a Hispanic thing because I don’t call either of my parents twenty times a day…each.  I mean, Julieta’s very independent, but still dependent on her parents. It’s weird…I remember recently I asked her if she was coming to church and she said she didn’t feel like it so she would call her mother to see. “How odd,” I remember thinking. My own mother, even though she says I ask her too many questions, would love if I asked her if I could go someplace!

So there ya go…an introduction to Julieta. I suppose this can also be a thank you to her for obsessively compulsively coming by my blog resulting in, say, 85% of my site hits.


P.S. – Dear Greek boy, who was in ‘Classics of Feminist Theory’ before you (and Julieta) dropped the class because of the crazy professor and I have to stay because I need the class graduate this semester…my friend, Julieta, thinks you’re hot and asks about you since I always see in the halls and she always wants to know exactly what you say in the little conversations we have, as my general summaries aren’t vivid enough…So.  In case you come across my little space on the web, I think I have a girlfriend for you :)

P.PS. Please don't sure me for pulling your facebook photos, Julieta!


Juliette said...

UMH..alexia...your such a cute friend...im so happy that we met 2 summers ago...you are my "soul sister"...just a little commentario 1) that greek boy is damn fine..find out his situation 2) i wuv mommy and daddy ... 3) really i laught that loud? thought they were starring at marge

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...


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