Friday, April 15, 2011

happy weekending!

Ok, because my children are sleeping, I haven't a boyfriend, am a nerd, I created a chart. Weeeee! I'll update it weekly.  It's 17 of us now! I'm so excited about Summer Lovin'!!
Please remember to send me your stats as you weigh-in :)

Oh, and since people have asked: It's never too late to join this challenge.  

Phase 1: April 13 - May 13

Sweethearts Weigh-in #1Weigh-In #2Weigh-In #3W-In #4
Yours truly @ Dimple Snatcher
Challenge Goals

Erika @ The Act of Discovery
Challenge Goals

Erin @ Glam, Glitz & Gut
Challenge Goals

Jessica @ She’s going the distance
Challenge Goals

Candace @ Candace Better
Challenge Goals

Dree @ Defining Dree

Kate @ What Kate is Cooking   
Challenge Goals

Thirteen lbs

Christie @ He Took MY Last Name
Challenge Goals

Toot @ Toot's Life
Challenge Goals

Kimberly @ Kimberly Plain and Stout
Challenge Goals

Josie @ Yum Yucky

Candy @ Candy Kankles

Ro @ Ro gets fit!
Challenge Goals

Danielle @ Minus the pixels

Losing It

Ana @ Ana’s weight-loss journey

What are you up to this weekend? Anything exciting?! How's Summer Lovin' going so far if you're taking part?



Me said...

Hi Alexia, I know I'm a bit late, but can I join your Summer Lovin' Challenge please? I feel the need see how I go in a challenge, because I've changed my eating style. If so, I was 80.0kg last Wednesday. I don't know whether you want to put that in, or skip it for next week. PS my name is John.

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Hi John, of course it's not too late! :)

Amanda said...

This weekend... holy cow, it's half over! Well, today I took the two-legged offspring on a walk, then to the grocery store, and finally back home where they immediately ran away (after helping put away the groceries, thankyouverymuch) and played with their neighborhood friends until the sun decided to set. Then I blogged (and I finally passed on the award you gave me, LOL -- I'm sorry I'm so slow!), and ate dinner.

Tomorrow the big plan is to bake some bread. Possibly cheese bread, but just a nice plain loaf will do too. I'll see where my mood takes me :)

Gen said...

Spending some time with my family this weekend and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life! Eum I l.o.v.e. charts. Does that make me a nerd too?? :P

Anne H said...

You ROCK with the charts! Teach me how to do that..... YOu know, from one nerd to another!

Losing It said...

I finally did my goals. I will weigh in tomorrow. <3

Ana said...

Here are my goals! And my weigh in today is 202.4.

minusthepixels said...

Nice chart! :D

Here are my goals-

My start weight is 154.

Thirteenlbs said...

Hey, honey- I don't post my weight but I am currently down 11 pounds! I guess -11 is my starting point!

I am blogging about my goals for Wednesday...

Losing It said...

I'm Roxie -

starting weight 263 /cringe

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Hey y'all, you DON'T necessarily have to give me your start weight so don't feel like you have to. All I need for the chart is how much you hopefully lose or maybe gain. Thanks!

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