Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Jasmine won't let me use the "p" word, so I use it most whenever I can.

"What do you want to eat? Puberty butter and bread? Oops, err, I mean peanut butter and bread."

I know, I'm wicked.

When I was suppose to be studying, I found myself here. I'm so ashamed since it's not like future husband even knows who I am yet, but I blame this lady. Show off.


The picture above is for Christie who wrote me a letter asking what living in Brooklyn is like. If you can't tell, it's a pigeon.

Tried almond milk yogurt on Sunday. After my 1 hr spin class (what a workout!), I walked around Whole Foods for a little bit to see if I could snag me a future husband (I kid. I kid.)

But alas this yogurt did catch my eye since it's one letter off from a dearly beloved older sister.


 Nahhh. Was....edible. I really think the yogurt industry is waaaaay over their heads.



Trisha said...

I completely agree!! :) And weird?? You have pigeons in NY?! ;)

Lisa said...

I think you're so crazified and I love it!

Miss Erika said...

Oh my god Alexia, I was looking at wedding dresses the other day too and I don't even want to get married! inweddingdress.com I'm in love.

He Took MY Last Name said...

Brooklyn is a pigeon? Haha thanks for the info I will keep that in mind! Maybe someday when I am rich and/or famous I will come pigeon watching with you.

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Hahahah, I'd love to go pigeon watching with you! :) Erika, I think it's something we can't help! I never thought I'd be the kind of gal to google wedding dresses!!

MissHaneefa said...

Hmmm, almond milk yogurt sounds yummy!

Losing It said...

I've been married for 4 years and I STILL look at wedding dresses.

Makes me want to go pull mine out of the closet and wear it.

Think it would be weird for me to have it altered if I ever lose weight? lol

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

- Uh, Haneefa....it's okay. It's not worth the extra expense. I prefer milk or soy.

- really, losing it? STILL? hahahahahah :)

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