Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer Lovin' Challenge: getting to know you.

If you haven't been following, I'm hosting Summer Lovin', an eight week weight-loss challenge, and every week I will interview one of the participants. This is the second installment. Last week was Jessica.


MEET Christie.

She and I weigh close to the same, our highest weights are within one pound of each other, we're the same age! We're basically a biracial twinset. Ha.

She blogs at He Took My Last Name. Loved interviewing her:

Who, What, Where, When, How? Tell us a little about yourself in no more than twenty words please! Twenty words? I have diarrhea of the keyboard. I love to talk even if no one is listening. I think I'm hilarious. The end!!

About the name of your blog, what's the story behind it? Sounds romantical.
It's as exactly as it sounds! When I started dating, my mother gave me some advice. "You'll have to marry someone with a cooler last name than Farrar. You're going to have a tough time finding that." I fell in love with a boy named Brian Smith. He was everything I thought a man should be- incredibly sweet, very artistic and driven, loved me more than I loved myself... except he was a Smith. And there are lots of them. I made the joke when we got engaged that he should take my last name instead of me taking his. He thought about it for a while and then said he would. I was flabbergasted. I was 100% going to be a Smith. Now, he was 100% going to be a Farrar. When we got married, we went to the Social Security office and got his name legally changed. We then did the insurances, banks etc, all the crap a woman has to do, my husband was going through. And some people did not think it was possible, that he was whipped, that I was going to divorce him, etc etc. Some people thought we were related and incestuous. It was hilarious! Now, hardly anyone remembers that he was once a Smith. Besides, Brian Farrar is a much cooler artist name than Brian Smith. Not to mention everyone seems to remember who we are now.

One thing I love about you is that you seem so at peace with your body, accepting whether you gain or maintain. How do you keep such peace? What advice can you give someone struggling to accept slow weight-loss and that it might take much longer than he or she anticipated?
At first, I was very discouraged. I cried every time I stepped on the scale. I felt like giving up, that I was a failure, etc etc... but then I realized I was only hurting myself. Sure I could exercise every day, eat better, and still not lose weight and be angry. OR I could keep chugging along knowing that someday the weight was going to come off. Whether or not I was happy about where I was or my progress on the scale I was missing out on life. I wasn't enjoying my husband or my dog, or realizing just how blessed I really am! The thing that really keeps me going is measurements! The inches that I lose definitely tell the story more than the pounds lost/gained do! I will not be 220+ lbs forever, especially if I keep losing inches. I will not be a perfect hourglass, size 12, and still weigh 220 lbs at 5 ft 4.... it just doesn't work that way!

One piece of advice that I always try to tell people about their weight loss journey is- you are already trying to be the best you that you can be! Don't give yourself a hard time if you "only" worked out 5 times this week or if you "had too much" of your spinach and grilled chicken salad with home made salad dressing. Please! There is only one me. So I am going to be kind to the me I have, because it's ALL I HAVE. Love yourself first. It really isn't that hard. Don't put yourself down. Don't call yourself names, even if you are 'joking'. Pretend you are talking to your best friend. If your friend came up and said she only ran 3 miles today and it took her an hour and a half! You would say- "Great job! Hour and a half! That's more dedication than I have!" and she would feel good about herself. You wouldn't call her a turtle, or so slow she was going backwards. You wouldn't tell her to break out the spoons and the ice cream because she's a failure. NO! you would be proud of her- and you should be proud of you too! Now, say that about yourself. "I ran 3 miles today. It took me an hour and a half. I am so glad I didn't quit! That shows just how much dedication I have to myself!" See? Not that hard.

 Please tell us a little about your health journey. Anything you've discovered about yourself?
Somedays I am so dedicated. I eat 5 servings of fruit (smoothies!) and even the occasional veggie (spinach!!) and other days I am absolutely disgusting! I like to roll around in soft serve, rub it on my belly... I'm kidding, but it really does feel like I go big or go home in either direction. I also realized that if I stop exercising for a day- then I have a really hard time picking it back up again. It's so much easier to play video games and drown in mac n' cheese than it is to go hit the elliptical in the fitness center down the road. 

I'm not doing this for anybody else. Not even my hot husband. I am not doing this for my mother, my grandma, my future babies, my future doggies, my future bikini. It's all about me. I'll go as fast or as slow as I damn well please and I will not give up. I don't care if it takes me 15 years to get under 200 lbs. It will happen. I wouldn't say I have determination. I'd say that I have a little bit of perseverance. If I had more determination, I'd probably be done by now. I'm not out to move mountains. I'm out to move me. 

 Christie says that above photo is "the face and gut of obesity." (That's hilarious to me!)

I hope you love Christie’s blog as much as I do! She’s so funny and I love the peace she’s made with the unreliability of weight-loss.



Candy kankles said...

Great inetrview! Nice to meet you Christine!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Looking good Christie! I love your purple shirt in that last pic too!

safire said...

I love her blog :) and I love this interview!

Thanks for posting this!

acissejlates said...

YAY!!! I love how much she's all about love yourself! I agree 200%! :D

pinkvision said...

Great interview, love the positive encouragement of self.

Toot said...

Great inteview!!! Great to meet you!!!!!!!!

Kate (What Kate is Cooking) said...

I love the name of your blog! I think it's so cool that your husband took your last name. One of my friends loves her last name so much that she swore she'll never change it- I'll have to show her your blog and tell her to encourage anyone she marries to take her last name :)

He Took MY Last Name said...

Aww Alexia! I laughed so hard at "biracial twins" I actually snorted. :)
I'm so glad everyone was so nice lol I was worried :S

It's nice to meet you all too!

Losing in the City said...

great post.. thanks for introducing us to christie.. i think i need to be a part of your summer lovin challenge.. i was on weight watchers but decided to this weight loss/healthy living on my own..

Lynda with a Y said...

I love Christie! She's awesome. And I love you for interviewing her. Thanks!

LauraJayne said...

I loved reading this - congrats to Christine and especially to her attitude! I lost 120 pounds - it took over 4 years to do it, and there were definitely days (or months) where I didn't lose a pound or even gained weight! It is so easy to get discouraged, and a good attitude goes so far! Great work!

paulawannacracker said...

Great interview and i absolutely adore Christi's blog. She's such a great supporter and it's funny you find similarites in the two of you cuz I feel same way. I don't think anyone loves cheese as much as Christi and I.

Great interview.

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