Wednesday, May 4, 2011

poor diet. (or packing my lunch from home)

Things I didn’t buy but kinda wanted but couldn’t buy today:

    -  NY Halal cart food (pictured above)
    - Chipotle
    - Something to drink and eat to null the pain of studying at Starbucks.

I suppose I can be grateful that I haven’t any money—except the $1 I have in the bank, some pennies in my purse, and pay day is tomorrow. I suppose my poorness has a benefit!


P.S.--Thank you for the lovely moments on my last posts! Y'all are so nice to me!


safire said...

Those three things I would LOVE to eat on a daily basis :) It's nice sometimes that we get saved from our impulses!

Thirteenlbs said...

Um. Posting a pic of that is just mean.

Ro said...

That food looks so good...but I totally get this
I am at my best when my pockets are empty :-)

MissHaneefa said...

Cart food looks delicious!

Amanda said...

Now I'm all thinking about Chipotle... drat, LOL

Candy kankles said...

Ive never had chipotle ive been told its a good thing lol

Shannie (akaSolidice242) said...

Thanks for making me hungry. That food looks delish. I agree with you though sometimes being without money is a benefit

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