Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer Lovin' week 3

Do you know what happened exactly almost almost a year ago?

I cut my hair!



Back then I wanted to try something new: the natural texture of my hair “new” because my mother started having it relaxed as I hit puberty, and before that she did much of the combing herself as I was only just getting use to doing it myself.

Back then I was recovering and learning, even still learning, from my first serious—“serious” at least in my mind—relationship with a boy.

Back then I was working on a story, “The Fishmonger’s Daughter” (mentioned here) and yesterday I learned it won first place! I was so happy that the child said, "Please. Stop Smiling." I can really use $1500--and the award on my grad school resume--as I have exactly $1 in my bank account!

Everything is a lesson I’m learning.

Cutting my hair—besides doubling my shower time, as I have to condition it every morning—is one of the most humbling things I could have done for myself. I’ve learnt about self-acceptance, knowing and being told that I was more “attractive” with straight hair. Maybe in five years, I’ll relax my hair again—who knows?!—but I’m forever grateful for learning to appreciate and respect myself every step of my way.

But! Enough about me :) How was Summer Lovin’ week three for you? I’m down three pounds! I only worked out twice, but I have been tracking on most days, and with the things happening in my uterus last week I managed to not eat my arm—only my nails! HA!




safire said...

I watched an episode on the Tyra show and I was really interested to see information about black women's hair. I like the hair style you went! It takes guts to go short and not everyone can pull of short hair. I think it brings out the beauty in your face :)

acissejlates said...

Hey girl! Congrats on winning the contest! Yay for money :P :D. I've told you this in real life but I love your hair the way it is now, it just has so much more character than when you had straightened it. Who cares what people said about you loooking prettier with straight hair, I agree with Safire I think you're more beautiful now with the way you're hair is now.

BTW I totally understanding wanting to naw on your arm hah!

Losing It said...

+2, my uterus started acting up on Sunday. *grumble*

Candy kankles said...

-1 TOM visiting now :[

He Took MY Last Name said...

uhhh up 5.... but I think that's because you know i am with child lol... I really need to get that under control!! my summer lovin' challenge is starting to turn into summer love handles lol

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Hahahahaha @ Christie's "with child"

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

How interesting. Lots of uterus behavior this week. Something must be in the water.

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Thanks Safire & Jessica!

Trisha said...

I completely agree!! You looked stunning with long hair, but even more so with the short hair!! I think it really brings out your smile and just lets your face be seen! I love the short look on you.

paulawannacracker said...

Every time I read your blog Alexia, I get so excited for the young woman you are and the woman you're becoming. Exicting times ahead for you. Congrats again on the award. Totally not surprised.

You're like a flower and we get to watch you bloom


Amanda said...

Yay for contest winning and cash!! Okay, especially the cash. My bank account understands pain ;)

As for the hair, it's weird how much our hair identifies us. I cut my hair off about a month ago. It's still long, by some definitions, but it's the shortest I've had it in decades. And when I look in the mirror, I still freak because it's not "me" that I see. It's a middle-aged woman with short-ish hair.

I'm toying with getting it cut like this again at my next hair appointment, or just letting it grow out. It takes me less time for styling when it's long, actually, because this length I have to blow my whole head out with the blowdryer and THAT takes a solid 30 minutes for even a half-job, then another 15-20 minutes the next morning with the straightening iron. Long, I can just let it air-dry and pop the hot rollers in the next morning to direct the curl a bit.

Oh holy cow, long comment much? Sorry! And for what it's worth, I think your hair looks awesome :)

Jill said...

congrats on winning that contest! that is so cool.

Anne H said...

Congrats - and you are tooooo cute!

arielcircleofnine said...

congrats on the contest!!

Thirteenlbs said...

COngrats on the award!!!

I was terrified when I cut mine, and immediately regretted it- not because it was short, but because it was kinky AND short. Two changes at once. Then it grew and I was fine. But it took a ton of guts. I will say that natural has always felt like my best self.

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