Friday, April 22, 2011


Hi, everyone! Happy Good Friday! Happy Passover! Happy Earth Day! Happy Friday!


Just wanted to pop in for a hot minute in further delaying my Linguistics homework (any takers? It's all like alien language to me. I had no idea taking "Structure of English" would require so much thought and hard work. I'm not even kiddin', it's like the equivalent of taking "Anatomy and Physiology" if I was delusional enough to be a science major. )

So. Anyways, I've heard back from some of you so I wanted to say that we have a combined loss of ....

14.5 pounds for Summer Lovin'!! That's so amazing to me!! That's worth celebrating! Can you imagine if we can keep that rate for the entirety of the 8 weeks?

 Have a great weekend, everyone!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer Lovin': Week 1.

Oh my my my. This summer will mark the third one since I bought the shred and I've felt no motivation to leave level 1 (like some of you have...I'm looking at you, Christie!) Level 1 still kicks my tush every time--as it did just now! 


Thank you for all the love on my two last posts!

In other news, today is the first whole week of the  Summer Lovin' challenge! If you're taking part, how did you do? We want to know everything! Share with us in the comments :) Oh, and please comment with your weight-ins too (losses hopefully, gains maybe or perhaps you stayed the same?)

Honestly, I'm up a couple pounds today because I didn't exercise much (was too busy? cant remember) and until Saturday was still eating a bit too much. But! I know next week will be better as I've really been cleaning up my act these past days, and next week I want to get the "Most Improved" sticker. Plus, I do have some non scale victories (NSVs): like not eating the entirety of the amazing pasta dish I made earlier, almost almost almost not eating the honey bun my mother gave me yesterday, not eating icecream for dessert last night--and just overall being more considerate and aware! I just know I'll see a lost next week!

When I get your weigh-ins I'll update the chart, and post it hopefully tomorrow. I've already heard from Erin and Jessica so I know the challenge can already boast 3.6 pounds! Weeee!

Looking forward to hearing from all of you! I'm headed to the library even though I'm on Spring break because I have so much school work to do--grrr this six page paper!
Happy Wednesday! lovelovelove.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer Lovin' Challenge: getting to know you.

If you haven't been following, I'm hosting Summer Lovin', an eight week weight-loss challenge, and every week I will interview one of the participants. This is the first installment.


My creation 
She has beautiful hair. 
Lovely hips the boys say. 
The loudest laugh in our Linguistics class.
She knits in class!! [multitasking because she's still listening to professor]
I've seen her around campus with a sweet faced, kitten-eyed boy, who she tells me is not as innocent as I say he looks. Huh.

And I got to interview her (finally putting my Journalism degree to some use!


Jessica, describe yourself in ten words, please:

Caring. Love to laugh. Knitter. Spontaneous. Vivacious. Boisterous. Honest. Loyal. Music lover. Love to walk.

Please tell us a little about your health journey. Anything you've discovered about yourself?
I started my journey in 2006 after high school, it all started after I went to the doctor and was weighed in at 243. I told myself enough is enough I'm not about to let myself get to 250 I just cannot let that happen. I did alot of research looking into different weight loss programs that would help me along my journey. I didn't want a program that was crazy restrictive or didn't allow me to enjoy the foods that I like to eat. I stumbled across Weight Watchers, and although I was apprehensive, I walked into my first meeting and I was so nervous. I felt so insecure and vulnerable, but stepping into that meeting was the best thing I ever did in my life. Weight Watchers taught me how to eat healthy while still enjoying the things I love. It also taught me about portion control and it helped me to realize that I'm not so alone on this journey, it gave me a sense of community. I became really close to my Weight Watchers leader and the regulars in my meeting, we shared our struggles together and helped each other along the way. My meeting along with Weight Watchers was key to my success that I've had so far and I know it will be for the successes that I have to come. My reasons for losing weight at first was for my vanity, but as I kept going on my journey I realized that this isn't only about the way I look but the way I feel about myself. From there I've been working on myself and it hasn't always been stellar all the time as there were definitely rough times but I told myself to never give up. Giving up on myself would only cause me to be unhappy. One thing I've discovered about myself is that I'm one tough cookie and also that I love who I am and have become.

What simple advice would you give someone trying to get healthier and/or lose weight?

My advice is to never ever give up on yourself even if your eating like crap and eating junk food upon junk food just keep trying. Giving up will only make you gain more weight and be unhappy but keep trying and you will know to yourself that even if you aren't doing the best that you want to do, you are still trying and making the effort .

Can you tell us anything about your short-term health goals?

I try to keep my goals short and sweet since my health journey is something that will take a looonnng time. Right now my main short-term goal is to get back to 193--I felt amazing there and so confident. Another short/long term goal I have is to be able to run a 5K and I'm well on my way towards that.

Can you tell us anything about your long-term health goals?

I don't really have a set number of weight that I want to lose because I've never really been below 189.8 (my lowest weight ever). So I don't know how I would feel or look, in my head I decided that I'll take it 10 or even 5 pounds at a time and see how I feel at that weight. If I like it I'll stick to it but if not I'll go 5 more pounds. Another long-term health goal is to one day be a hardcore runner maybe do a half-marathon or even a full one! Just thinking about that now as I write this sounds really daunting and I have a long way to get to that goal but I know one day I will get there even if I'm 90! :D

Thank you so much, Jessica!

Jessica and I actually went to the same highschool and now we're at the same college graduating this semester. We were never close as we moved in different circles, didn't see much of each other in previous years of college, but I love that this semester we have two classes together!

Since high school, Jessica has lost 53.2 pounds. She inspires me because she understands that learning healthy habits and weight-loss takes time. In fact she says it's a pet peeve of hers when people ask how long it took for her to lose the weight.

before  + after:

(wearing purple in both photos)
My creation
(compare necks in both headshots!)
My creation
Jessica is especially proud of her collar bones!

It made me so happy to read and share Jessica's story! Here's her blog. I hope you're inspired, too :)


Monday, April 18, 2011

self forgiveness.

My mind forgets to remind me to forgive myself sometimes.


Especially recently since I’m 23 now, and I really don’t want to spend my twenties unhappily fat, unhappily eating too much. 

Forgiveness because of the weight I regained last semester--and because I’ve mostly lost and regained the same pounds since the year began. I give myself a hard time about it all. It seems like such a waste of my precious twenties. And my weight and eating too much is directly proportionate to my mood. Lately I haven't been wanting to hang out with friends, and I'm especially anxious about group social settings. Last night my mother nonchalantly said my mood lately is like Vex Kitty's!!

Honestly, I don't like thinking or talking about those 40 pounds--and I suppose that’s why I was a bit hesitant about sharing my number last Wednesday.

Still, I know I'm going to end this year at a number I'm proud at. I just can't allow myself not to.

Can you give me some words of advice for self forgiveness? I think it's easier for me to forgive others. Have you ever regained weight? How did you ever make peace with yourself?

Thanks so much for reading! lovelovelove.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Love.

Usually these are about link love for beautiful blog posts I read, but I've decided to do product love today instead.

Look what I saw at Trader Joe's recently!!



I felt butterflies in my stomach how excited I was.

Anyone who knows me well knows how I feel about mangoes!

People who don't like mangoes...they boogle my mind. I try not to think of such people too much. Kinda how I feel about people--I know a few!!--who don't like avocados, but I digress...People, keep your depressives to yourself sometimes!


Anyways, I was walking around TJ's minding my own business headed to the sample station when I spotted the mango butter with the rest of new products.

Weeeeeeee! On my english muffin atop crunchy peanut butter this morning. So good. It's sweet, kind of like a thick syrup.


See Suave Kitty's eye?


Yesterday I went to bed all depressed, wrapped in feelings of hopelessness because I thought he had been giving me the stink eye all day long. That's the kind of behavior I expect from Vex Kitty!

Instead the problem seems to be a weeeee little eye infection me thinks. Poor Suave Kitty.

Today's blog writing was fueled by a midafternoon snack of frozen mango chunks courtesy of the Caribbean Trader Joe's.



P.S. Spring is back says my mint plants...


P.P.S. Roses for roses (i.e. thanks for reading :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

happy weekending!

Ok, because my children are sleeping, I haven't a boyfriend, am a nerd, I created a chart. Weeeee! I'll update it weekly.  It's 17 of us now! I'm so excited about Summer Lovin'!!
Please remember to send me your stats as you weigh-in :)

Oh, and since people have asked: It's never too late to join this challenge.  

Phase 1: April 13 - May 13

Sweethearts Weigh-in #1Weigh-In #2Weigh-In #3W-In #4
Yours truly @ Dimple Snatcher
Challenge Goals

Erika @ The Act of Discovery
Challenge Goals

Erin @ Glam, Glitz & Gut
Challenge Goals

Jessica @ She’s going the distance
Challenge Goals

Candace @ Candace Better
Challenge Goals

Dree @ Defining Dree

Kate @ What Kate is Cooking   
Challenge Goals

Thirteen lbs

Christie @ He Took MY Last Name
Challenge Goals

Toot @ Toot's Life
Challenge Goals

Kimberly @ Kimberly Plain and Stout
Challenge Goals

Josie @ Yum Yucky

Candy @ Candy Kankles

Ro @ Ro gets fit!
Challenge Goals

Danielle @ Minus the pixels

Losing It

Ana @ Ana’s weight-loss journey

What are you up to this weekend? Anything exciting?! How's Summer Lovin' going so far if you're taking part?


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

it begins.


Sorry I’m late!

[To the conference blog meeting of which Summer Lovin’ is the top top priority of our discussion]

Hear ye, hear ye.

[Once again sorry for the tardiness…spent half of the day in bed contemplating my existence, not being lazy like my mother would say! My mother says anyone still in bed at 9 a.m. is lazy. I am not my mother’s daughter!]

Anyways, Summer Lovin’ begins today: if you’ve haven’t been following along, I've invited any of you to join me in a 8 week, 2 phase summer countdown weight-loss program, where you make your own healthy living goals to aid in your weight losing.

Currently, I have 13 people signed up! Weeeee!

I’m exciting about our cumulative weight-loss—and over the weeks I’ll be sure to link back to your blog posts about the challenge, I’m hoping to do a weekly thing where I interview one of you taking part in the challenge, etc. For any questions, concerns, ideas, constructive criticisms, please email me!

Here are my GOALS for the next four weeks:
  • Tracking: using the myfitnesspal app daily to track and keep my exercise, water drinking, and eating goals. Tracking is key and using an app on my iTouch is so convenient.
  • Exercise: on most days. I want to commit to three Spin classes, one Hot Yoga and one Hot Pilates per week.
  • Sleep: 7hrs - 8 hrs. I’m not 19 anymore—I really need a better sleep schedule for my overall happiness!
  • Weekly OA meetings—This program gives me such support!

Those of you who have blogged your challenge goals:

Be well! See you soon! 


Ps. photo courtesy of the child.
Pps. was suppose to weigh-in today, but I'm not brave enough today so next week for sure when I've shaken off a couple pounds :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ahh, summer...


Nasty humidity
No romantic picnics because no boyfriend

No classes.
Compulsive mango eating.
Long walks.
Cool water.

And hopefully less backfat! Challenge begins tomorrow! Excited!


see arrow.

Pulled from facebook:


People kill me. Hilarious.


Monday, April 11, 2011


Remember when I told you how Vex Kitty confiscates my things?

Well, Suave Kitty is the opposite--he's such a gentleman! My mother and I find him to be very dashing (her idea and I agreed). Don't get me wrong, Vex Kitty is handsome, too, but he's also smelly sometimes (gasey!)--oh, and so so virile! He's the one to steal Suave Kitty's food (without any respect for his senior!) and he will only sit in our laps if he's in the mood and then he will forcefully plop himself down.

Suave Kitty on the other hand is so so gentle and I want to tell you about the bend thing he does with his arms while he's napping...It makes my uterus hurt!


I got Suave Kitty, whose real name is Paisley, from my history teacher when I was maybe 17, which means that he's probably seven this year! He's getting old!

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!


Summer Lovin' Challenge: details!

I'm so excited about this challenge! I really think it'll be easier to hold myself accountable when I have others nudging me along.

Last week Sunday I made goals and it went well for a couple days, starting out wonderfully, but then everything went...









What tracking? What vitamin taking? What cat feeding? Errr?

Erika @ The Act of Discovery
Dree @ Defining Dree 
Toot @ Toot's Life
Kimberly @ Kimberly Plain and Stout 
Josie @ Yum Yucky 
Candy Kankles
Ro @ Ro gets fit!
My friend Jessica, who doesn't blog, and is very kind about telling me what the professor says when I wake up.
Yours truly.

That's 10  11 12  13 14 17 of us! If you've changed your mind, please comment below or email me if you'd prefer!

Alrighty, here are the terms (fine print):

Make your own goals: I’m suggesting that we make a few goals (I’ll probably make 4 and they’ll probably include exercise, water drinking, and a daily caloric cap, etc.) to works towards over the length of the challenge.  They say that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Just kiddin'! Ha!

Make your own goals: I’m suggesting that we make a few goals (I’ll probably make 4 and they’ll probably include exercise, water drinking, and a daily caloric cap, etc.) to works towards over the length of the challenge.  They say that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Weight-loss: Since it's a weight-loss challenge, we're all hoping to lose weight, but I'm sure you'd agree that healthy habits are also important and they do result in healthy weight-loss, which is also why I suggested making your own healthy habits goals (see above!)

Length: 2 phases  -- 4 weeks each.
1st phase: April 13th –May 13th
2nd phase: May 14th—June 14th

Two phases because we can see what we learn, what we'd like to improve on for the second phase.

I really believe magical things can happen in numbers. Let the losing begin! The challenge begins on Wednesday. I guess for the majority of us who blog, maybe we can check in with our weigh-ins, losses, wins, goals, etc. on our blogs every Wednesday? I will definitely weigh-in this Wednesday. See you then!


Ps. Also, I’m hoping for a photo of all of you taking part (a headshot works perfect!) and your favorite health tip to publish alongside? Please let me know if this is all right and if you have any more questions or anything please email me or comment below. Thanks so much for taking part! Gotta go, my stop on the L is here!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Love.


 Last week I shared Healthy Girl, Sunny Sea Gold's website, and today I'm loving the trailer for her new book ("food: the good girl's drug"), which I am so excited to read!

What are you loving today?


Saturday, April 9, 2011

happy weekending!

66548_648621186044_26311633_36468348_2240453_n 10-46-26

The challenge is definately happening!

I'm excited some of you have shown interest. Let's say it's 8 of us and the challenge lasts eight weeks: if we each lose a pound per week that's 64 pounds! Aiiii! I'm excited! I'm going to hammer out all the details by Monday. I'm thinking that the challenge might start on Wednesday? Please share your thoughts!

In other news, today I ate delicious Indian takeout after church with friends--and I tried to be really mindful with my eating...


When I finished this plate, I asked myself: do I really need something more? I was content, I was relieved of hunger, but I told myself a little bit more--maybe just a samosa--was a good idea. But a little bit more ended up to be second helpings of everything! As I sat back in my seat, I realized that I was full, that I had a little space I wanted to save for dessert so I took a few bites and threw the rest of my food out. Uh, NSV (non scale victory)?! I only mention this because I know weight-loss and weight maintenance for me is mindful eating, what this workbook calls "awareness."

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Friday, April 8, 2011


I'm actually sort of tacky in real life!


I saw one of my girlfriends recently and she was like, "ALEXIA, everything you're wearing is a different color!"

Oops. Ha. I like to call my style baglady chic.

Nevertheless I'm loving this Stylish Blogger award from sweet Cynthia at It All Changes.

Here are the terms for the award:
  1. Create a post linking back to the person who gave you the award.
  2. Share 7 random things about yourself.
  3. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers with this award.
  4. Contact the bloggers you’re awarding to tell them they’ve won.

7 random things about me--

(1.) This is kind of embarrassing, but I really really like vegetables.
(2.) Except brussel sprouts. Nasty.
(3.) They're like mini cabbages--I love cabbages--but I hate how sprouts are like concentrated cabbages. Ewww.
(4.) I also dislike asparagus. Nasty.
(5.) If you were to image search "Vex Kitty," my face and my two cats show up. It's kind of embarrassing and kind of hilarious.


(6.) This might be useful when I'm alone and still single in ten years?! Ha Ha Ha


(7.) Me in thiry years. Hairpiece and all.

I want to pass this award on to:

Jill @ SlowPOKE
Gretchen @ Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen
Jennifer @ A knack for nutrition
My real life friend, Erika, who started a blog this week!
Jayme @ Losing Half My Weight
Ashley @ Opposite of Thin
Katie @ Nourishing Flourishing
Beth @ Beth's Journey
Steph @ Snacking on Sunshine
Amanda @ It's All About the Walls
Savory and Savage (girl what is your name?)
Donca @ Loser's Digest
Dree @ Defining Dree
Cassandre @ Losing in the city

Have a great weekend, everyone! Any exciting plans?


Thursday, April 7, 2011

bouncy butt.

Thank you for you comments on my last post :) Your encouragement means so much to me! Seriously!

Just a few minutes ago, I was boredly looking through my iPhoto at photos taken a year or so ago (I know, I know, I need a boyfriend or a hobby…heheheh…I’m mostly kiddin’ about the boyfriend part since Juli and I swore off men this year…“It’s a selfish year!” said she, but it isn’t working so well with all the boy talking we do…)

Anyways! These set of photos (here are two) from late March of last year caught my eye


I need to get down to that size again! I think I was a little over 200 then.

Yesterday, the child (I babysit) was bouncing a little ball around the house and it hit me on the butt, but I didn’t really notice :) But I did notice child running for ball and saying my butt is bouncy so I put two and two together. Friends, that is not good! My behind should not be sending things flying across the room!

I know I’m about holistic ways of losing weight yadda yadda, but SIGGGGGH I want/need to see consistent results (and consistency DOES mean maintenance to me). So, soon I’m going to get back to public weigh-ins on my blog. And maybe I could start a summer weight-loss countdown challenge? Maybe with a focus on eating clean and regular exercise, ya know...drinking water…all the good stuff?! Maybe with a goal of a heathy 1-2 pound(s) loss per week? The details can be hammered out later, but would anyone join me? :) It'll be fun!

Hope everyone is well! Tomorrow is Friday and I have a fun weekend planned! If you’re in New York, Juli is organizing a benefit concert for Japan that you should to-ta-lly come to :)



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The time I started eating meat again.

My turkey sandwich in Virginia while visiting recently.


I didn’t say anything sooner, partially because I think there is so much politics in this country about food, about how we choose to eat. And I think it would be hard for someone like me who didn’t eat meat for so long to get grouped back in with the carnivores. Because of the shame involved for me, especially when I have so many friends who are vegetarians and not wanting to explain to any of them why I eat meat sometimes now, even though…yesyesyes, I know it’s kinder to the environment, my body, animals, etc.

I stopped eating animals when I was maybe sixteen. Maybe even fifteen. Back then, I was convinced that eating chicken—my favorite meat—and any formally living creature wasn’t an ethical thing for me to do. So I stopped eating meat for years. It helped that my sister had joined me and my mother became a Pescatarian for health reasons also.

Now, it doesn’t make me feel too uncomfortable to eat meat. Sometimes I do feel bad, but in general I’m not sure I see it as any less ethical for my cat to eat a mouse. It’s…just how things are.

The first time I started eating meat was maybe two years ago. It was at a low point in my life—I don’t remember why. My woe all just blends together. I am very depressable—so I punished myself by buying and eating meat (chicken?) that day. It was a deliberate move meant to make me feel worse about myself because I didn’t like myself. And it worked. Because I didn’t like the taste, couldn’t imagine why anyone would like the taste…

And then I ate meat again and again (to punish myself) until I started enjoying it.

But for a long time I still referred to myself as a vegetarian because I wouldn’t eat meat for extended periods. I really do love tofu and we don’t keep any meat in our home besides fish.

But anyways, I mention all of this because in the last few months I’ve been eating meat more frequently because of cravings, and so I stopped identifying myself as a vegetarian or as a vegetarian sometimes. Some time ago, I decided I wouldn’t use my meat eating to abuse myself mentally any longer and that if I do eat meat I’d incorporate it into a healthy diet. I guess all of this has helped me realize that I do have more problems with food than simply eating less and moving more to lose the weight—that it is a bigger issue than that for me. Which is why I do things like using my workbooks and doing the twelve steps.

Thank you for the continual support! I really appreciate your friendships! Love, me.


Ps. This was a hard post to write!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Jasmine won't let me use the "p" word, so I use it most whenever I can.

"What do you want to eat? Puberty butter and bread? Oops, err, I mean peanut butter and bread."

I know, I'm wicked.

When I was suppose to be studying, I found myself here. I'm so ashamed since it's not like future husband even knows who I am yet, but I blame this lady. Show off.


The picture above is for Christie who wrote me a letter asking what living in Brooklyn is like. If you can't tell, it's a pigeon.

Tried almond milk yogurt on Sunday. After my 1 hr spin class (what a workout!), I walked around Whole Foods for a little bit to see if I could snag me a future husband (I kid. I kid.)

But alas this yogurt did catch my eye since it's one letter off from a dearly beloved older sister.


 Nahhh. Was....edible. I really think the yogurt industry is waaaaay over their heads.


Monday, April 4, 2011

I believe #2: in feeling hungry.

Missed the first installment? It's here: I believe fat steals my beauty.


Yesterday, I wrote that things are going much better for me food-wise. I think for a number of reasons:
  • OA (It's my therapy--I plan to do an extended post on how the holistic, especially the spiritual component, really appeals to me.)
  • My workbooks: here + here
  • Committing to tracking here.
  • And simply, I don't want to be fat anymore. I'm done with it. It's inconvenient. My boobs ballooned back to their original size (I'd thankfully gone down a size last spring) when I regained forty pounds last semester and my back and posture can't take it. 
All of this is helping me stay more in tune with my hunger. In my morning class, my stomach growled(!!), which may be normal for you, but with my history of binging and compulsive overeating, feeling hungry has become unfamiliar to me.

This week I was reading in my workbook that one of the tools I have to become familiar with for recovery--i.e. to become a more mindful eater--is to eat with more awareness. Which for me means craving out the time to eat and only eat, to take the time to savor whatever I'm eating, and to eat foods and portion sizes that leave me feeling good about myself.


It's good to feel hungry! Is there anything health-related (or otherwise) you're believing about yourself recently? Do share :) Alright, gotta go! Ten page research paper based on this: "Slavery is terrible for men; but it is far more terrible for women. Superadded to the burden common to all, they have wrongs, and sufferings, and mortifications peculiarly their own" from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs. I neeeed a thesis...HIYA! Love, me.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Love + Goals.


I haven't done my Sunday link love in too long!

So here are some great posts that caught my eye (eyes?) this week:

Recently I'm also loving this site: Healthy Girl: Helping each other get sane about food--a couple women in my friday OA meeting suggested it to the group!


" is a support site for girls and women who emotionally overeat or binge eat, founded by Sunny Sea Gold, who is recovered from a 15-year battle with binge eating disorder. Here at you’ll get help, support, tips, and a little bit of food sanity, whether you have a problem with emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, bingeing or are just a little weird about food. Sunny is the author of FOOD: THE GOOD GIRL’S DRUG. How to Stop Using Food to Control Your Feelings, a deputy editor at Redbook magazine, and the former health editor at both Seventeen and Glamour magazines." [source]

In other news, last week went well for me food-wise...Shhhh, don't tell Greedy Alexia, but tracking (trackmaster) A LA TJ has been working wonderfully.

The entire tofu square I just ate for lunch?

Yup, tracked it.

See, I had planned to only eat a portion with a healthy salad since salads are the responsible thing to do nowadays that I'm an adult.

But this baking method? My tofu coated in this honey mustard sauce? Couldn't help myself.


I also want to share my three goals for this week!

Continue tracking--I've been using myfitnesspal to track my food, exercise, even how much water I drink! I'm loving both the app and the site.
Take my daily vitamins--I'm so bad at remembering! I can't even remember when last--this year? last?--I took a vitamin.
Hit the gym on most days--I'm craving spin classes! I have an hour long one on this afternoon's agenda.

Hope everyone is well! Any goals for this week? Any fabulous blog post(s) you've read? It's April! WOO-HOO. Gotta go write a 10 page paper! Thank God for this! Love, me.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

happy weekending!

Wanna see what I'm excited about?


Come on, you know you do!

It's a belated present from Rosemae, my sister's best friend!

That is exactly what I need!





This book and this sulfate free hair line!

Just when I am especially clueless about my hair wondering why it's dry one day and moisturized the next...

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Friday, April 1, 2011

april first.

Hope no one made you a fool today!

Vex Kitty says hello! Well, actually he says leavemealoneisleeping.

Went to an OA meeting today and I feel marvelous--those meetings make me feel like I'm not alone in this disease!

Have a fabulous weekend! Be back soon.  Love, me.