Saturday, May 7, 2011


Sometimes one has to take a break from studying--or pretending to studying while nail biting, all slumped over from the depression of too many pages to read--to gaze at spring flowers...AHHH.

[These are the sort future boyfriend needs to know!! (without me telling him of course) to bring me with love in his eyes.]

Yesterday I took some time off from studying and sighing, to walk across Central Park to the Upper West Side for dinner with some church friends.

My almost alma mater, Hunter College on the Upper East Side, doesn't have a campus, but we are only a couple blocks from Central Park. And can you imagine that I don't think I've gone to Central Park between/after/before classes any more than maybe five times in the five years (I double majored) I've been at Hunter? That's madness!

Which is probably why I thought walking across the park would be around 45 minutes or so, but it was only 20! Such a relaxing, beautiful walk.

The next week and a half is going to be rough with three long papers due and two finals, so I probably won't be as present as I'd hope. But I'm thinking of you <3



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

poor diet. (or packing my lunch from home)

Things I didn’t buy but kinda wanted but couldn’t buy today:

    -  NY Halal cart food (pictured above)
    - Chipotle
    - Something to drink and eat to null the pain of studying at Starbucks.

I suppose I can be grateful that I haven’t any money—except the $1 I have in the bank, some pennies in my purse, and pay day is tomorrow. I suppose my poorness has a benefit!


P.S.--Thank you for the lovely moments on my last posts! Y'all are so nice to me!

Summer Lovin' week 3

Do you know what happened exactly almost almost a year ago?

I cut my hair!



Back then I wanted to try something new: the natural texture of my hair “new” because my mother started having it relaxed as I hit puberty, and before that she did much of the combing herself as I was only just getting use to doing it myself.

Back then I was recovering and learning, even still learning, from my first serious—“serious” at least in my mind—relationship with a boy.

Back then I was working on a story, “The Fishmonger’s Daughter” (mentioned here) and yesterday I learned it won first place! I was so happy that the child said, "Please. Stop Smiling." I can really use $1500--and the award on my grad school resume--as I have exactly $1 in my bank account!

Everything is a lesson I’m learning.

Cutting my hair—besides doubling my shower time, as I have to condition it every morning—is one of the most humbling things I could have done for myself. I’ve learnt about self-acceptance, knowing and being told that I was more “attractive” with straight hair. Maybe in five years, I’ll relax my hair again—who knows?!—but I’m forever grateful for learning to appreciate and respect myself every step of my way.

But! Enough about me :) How was Summer Lovin’ week three for you? I’m down three pounds! I only worked out twice, but I have been tracking on most days, and with the things happening in my uterus last week I managed to not eat my arm—only my nails! HA!



Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things you should know.


Nowadays, I really really like Kale. While my ‘smother and I were at BJ’s a couple weeks ago, I added a humongous bag for $1.99 to our cart.  The bag was passionately finished today. It was steamy. We need more Kale.

I’ll probably be blogging less for most of May as the semester is winding down and I have lots of work to do. I’m thinking I’ll stick to three times per week and maybe once per weekend as these are desperate times.

Remember Christie? She’s with child. Go say congrats!

Today I got my eyebrows done and I feel like 18% better about myself. I’m thinking there’s a correlation.

Today I did a Chisel class at Crunch. MY WORD. Think the dreaded shred, except live and twenty minutes longer.

I had no idea the Brits—as much as I love them—have such umm tacky interesting style.

Someone had a question about Summer Lovin’, asking what day is weigh-in day: That’s totally up to you! I know that Jessica does Fridays, while Christie does Mondays. I weigh-in on Wednesdays and ask that you all comment with your weigh-ins and share how your challenge week went, but it’s totally up to you when you weigh-in. Remember, you make your own rules.

Another thing: if you fell along the way for phase 1 of the challenge, you can always come back on board for phase two.

I also want to clarify that I don’t keep track of what you weigh, only what you lose or gain.  So if you comment telling me what you weigh, I wouldn’t know if you lost or gained.

I haven’t yet announced the numbers for last week’s Summer Lovin’—lots of maintenance, which I think is a great thing!

See the chart below, but overall it looks like we've lost 9.6 pounds. If I have your numbers wrong or if you didn’t update me, please let me know. 

Week # 1: 14.5 pounds
Week #2: 9.6 pounds
Total: 24.1 pounds!!!!!!!!

(Pink is for things happening in one’s uterus!)

Phase 1: April 13 - May 13

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Friday, April 29, 2011

The hot mess that is my life—Pt 1

6:20 A.M. —Woke up to the sound of a beloved mother vacuuming. Thought “how annoying.” Briefly considered dream that included random placement of platonic male friend (could it mean something?). Briefly considered my laziness in how I fell asleep instead of finishing homework and massive pages of reading last night. Briefly depressed at the thought of massive pages of readings before falling back asleep.

8:05 A.M.—Re-AWOKE. Checked emails, glanced at a few blogs, glanced at a couple royal wedding photos (loved Kate’s dress), checked facebook…Finally updated planner the way that Jessica does as I peeked in her planner the last time she opened it and saw that she lists tasks next to a little box that she checks off.


8:20ish A.M.—Showered and conditioned hair. While showering, thought how wonderful to have time to do homework and make breakfast before I have to leave for class at 11:10.

9:30 A.M.—Had breakfast while watching and listening to this. Beautiful—and her song’s sentiments are so true for me, too.


Thought, "I really need to eat clean like this always."

10:00 A.M.—Finally finally started homework. Thought it shouldn’t take me any more than one hour, leaving me a little time to leave home and walk to train station making it on time for Linguistics class at 11:10.

45 minutes later—still on first problem for Linguistics!!! Realized that six problems will probably take me 28 hours to complete, since I STILL haven’t completed all the readings. And if I did the readings, would probably take me sixteen hours to complete.


(Basically I am trying to analyze sentence grammar based on the complex language rules)

Gave up on homework figuring I’ve been a week—two?—late submitting it already, so what's another weekend. Packed bag, grabbed yogurt and grapefruit from kitchen and headed out.

11:05 A.M.—Thought, “WOW, it’s so sunny out here today. I don’t remember it being so bright when I headed out for class in the past.”

11:07 A.M.—LIGHTNING BOLT MOMENT: “Wait a minute!! I’m suppose to be in class at 11:10, not leaving my house at 11:10!!”


Anyways, got to train platform mildly depressed.


When train came, man bumped into me with his bum cart—and then after I took this photo, I feared for my life that he was going to come over and stab me.


Then I noticed the man across from me wearing a t-shirt with a Chinese takeout menu on it’s front, stretched over his large belly.  I think that might just be the greediest thing I’ve ever seen ever.

To be continued, as these things happen to me…



P.S. Have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Summer Lovin’ Week 2

Kittens are clawing at my uterus!

My womb is like you carving out the seeds of an apple.

Like the strawberries you brought home from the market.

Err, it’s like the most beautiful rose petals.

But this woman talks about such things much lovelier than I can times a thousand!

So I didn’t bother weighing in because of the miraculous things happening in my lady parts as we speak. Instead of a number on the chart I’ll get an                       for this week.

(Ladies! If things are happening in your lady parts and like me your weight shoots up during that time, feel free to ask for an                       in lieu of your weigh-in.)

(My most sincere regards to John, our token man. Or perhaps he should be giving us his sincere regards?)

I actually stepped on the scale on Monday night and was SHOCKED, “Whaaaaaat?” WOE IS MEEEEEE! Until my uterus spoke up, explaining things like my mood, weight gain, my especially sudden need for male companionship, pasta slurping, yadda yadda.

Review my Summer Lovin’ goals, shall I?

Mostly, I didn't do badly with my goals. I did manage to sleep eight hours a night because I was off for Spring break [insert smiley face here] And I only forgot to track on two days--that's really good for me! [insert smiley face here]
Here's where I didn't do too well though: I only worked out twice and I didn't make my OA meeting.Was too busy sleeping and moaning over school work.

If you are taking part in Summer Lovin’, tell us in the comments how things went for you? Did you lose, gain, maybe maintain? Remember we lost 14.5 last week!



Tuesday, April 26, 2011

good day.

This has been the worst Spring break everever!

Mostly I've been doing schoolwork but mostlymostly I lay on my bed depressed at the thought of schoolwork. I have many complaints to anyone who will listen:
  • "Hunter College Jail is ruining my life!"
  • "I am so over undergrad!"
  • "Do you understand the alien language we are learning in Structure of English?"
  • "My Classics of Feminist theory class and the professor is the most unreasonably difficult, most oppressive thing to happen to me at Hunter College Jail!"

Depressing time (at the Hunter College Jail library yesterday):

Comparatively Jessica looks glowy and romantic. Wasn't sweating stress.

Finally today I got some light, some fresh air, some nature. 


Jessica came along with Jasmine (child I babysit) and me to the Botanical Gardens.


We had a lovely time looking at flowers, chatting, just relaxing! Jessica + Jasmine got along wonderfully.


The cherry blossoms are in bloom.
Jessica wore a beautiful dress.
When I saw the photos of me captured, my fatness had me at "hello!!" Can't believe how heavy I got!
We ate a grilled cheese sandwich and a veggie burger.
Walked barefoot in the grass.






At The Gardens, we bumped into a friend from highschool! Crazy! (Jessica and I went to the same highschool btw)


Later we bumped into a friend of mine, Maurice, who loves to talk about Jesus and is SO Williamsburg to me.



Hope you had one too! Now, back to studying...Cannot wait till the semester ends in a few weeks and I'll be graduated!


P.S. Today's walking about the flowers counted as today's exercise youbestbelieve!