my philosophy.

I believe that weight-loss is a byproduct of healthy living.

Like many people desperate to lose weight, last year I tried:

  • Restrictive Eating (a common symptom of disordered eating).
  • Trying to burn X amount of calories during my two hour stay at the gym.
  • Or obsessing to lose X amount of pounds in Y amount of time.
  • Micromanaging EVERYTHING that went into my mouth so that when I slipped—like, say, if someone offered me a chocolate kiss and I ate it—I’d give myself a hard time about it.
I’ve realized that learning better health habits is what I should be working on. Because if I do lose the weight without working my on habits—compulsive overeating and issues with portion control being two of them--I know I’d gain it all back, like I regained forty pounds last year.

Now, my focus is on making real food a priority, which means making eating meaningful. The plan is to eat from 1200-1500 calories every day. When I can't count my calories--like, say, if I eat out--I want to practice portion control.

No, thank you. Why, even my skin thanks me.

My second focus is regular sensible exercise. I strive to keep things moderate so I don’t ever have the “lemme work out lots so I can lose this weight quickly” mentality. I believe that kind of thinking can turn obsessive and anyway, who has time to make the gym a second home?

See my winter exercise schedule below. I can’t believe I’ve never done a gym schedule before! I'm realizing more and more how organization in every aspect of my life is so so helpful.
Sunday: 5:15 p.m. Long Spin Class (60 minutes)
Monday: 7:45 p.m. Spin Class (45 minutes)
Tuesday: 7:30 p.m. Hot Pilates (60 minutes)
10 a.m. Hot Yoga (90 minutes)
7:15 p.m. Ultimate Condition Class (45 minute)
Thursday: REST DAY
Friday: Elliptical session (60 minutes)
Saturday: REST DAY

I go to the gym twice on Wednesdays because I don’t have college classes, so it allows me to take a Hot Yoga class, which I was hoping to fit into my schedule, and a strength training class with an instructor I really despise because she includes, like, five sets of squats in her classes love.

Last year, I never considered a rest day ever. But for some reason, now it appeals to me. Something about it strikes a 'balanced living,' 'be moderate' cord with me. Huh.

True story: What works for me may not work for you. Our bodies have different stories. Our lives have different narratives. I'm really only responsible for myself so I can manage to take a strength class and then a yoga class on the very same day. Maybe you can only squeeze in 20 minutes of DVD exercise five days a week. Don't let what you can't do distract you. Instead commit to what you can do and hold yourself responsible for the health you--and all of us--deserve.